How To Get Wedding Photos That Are As Unique As You Are Paparazzi Glam
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How To Get Wedding Photos That Are As Unique As You Are


How To Get Wedding Photos That Are As Unique As You Are

The other night I was doing the thing I do every night: watching HGTV with my husband and debating going to bed, when an episode of House Hunters based in Montclair, New Jersey came on. I decided I needed to see what all the fuss I keep hearing is about, because people on my side of the East River don’t usually cross the Hudson without a good reason. But you guys, I get it now. Montclair is adorably trendy-but-classic, cool-but-friendly and approachable, and basically everything that APW’s newest sponsor—you guessed it—Montclair, New Jersey–based Grace Brown Photography is. (Pssst: Grace’s rates start at $2,700 for 6 hours, so if y’all want to just to stop reading and email her immediately, we are here for that.)

In addition to being the kind of wedding photographer that makes real people look like models (and purple uplighting look ), Grace Brown is the kind of person who feels like an instant BFF, which, take it from this Grade A introvert, is key at your wedding. (When it’s hard enough to be “on” for your guests, the last thing you want to do is struggle when interacting with your photographer.)
And when I say Grace gets it, you better believe she gets it. Before she used her photography skills to document weddings—and well before the days of #metoo—they led her to work on an incredibly powerful and moving project focused on sexual assault. Grace is as caring as they come.
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